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Women's Lacrosse Rules
    Women’s Division Official Council Web Site
    Women's Lacrosse Rules Web Site
    2016 Girls & Women's Rule Book
2016 US Lacrosse Officials Training Manual
2016 US Lacrosse Policy Manual
    2016 WCLA Game Rules
    Girls' Youth Lacrosse Rules & Best Practices [Third Edition]
Visual Signals [Video]
Visual Signals [PDF]

NCAA Lacrosse Rules
    NCAA Women's Rules Web Site
    2016 - 2017 Rules Changes
    2016 - 2017 Women's NCAA Rule Book
    2014 NCAA Women's Lacrosse Rules and Officiating Video

Rules and Procedures
    2015 OCLA Middle School Rules
    2015 Middle School Rates
    2015 High School Procedures
    2015 High School Rates
2012-2014 USL Collegiate Umpire Game Fees

USL New Rules and Emphasis Videos
    Ropes Training for Women's Umpires
    Starting Out In stripes
    2016 New Rules and Emphasis Video

Interesting Reading
    Coach/Umpire Relations
Helmets in the Women's Game

The Arbiter Umpire Scheduling System
    Click here for instructions

Certification Information

2016 Online Exam
The online exam can be accessed from the "Testing" tab within your Arbiter account. A score of 90% is required to pass.


Rating Sheets
    Junior Rating Sheet
    Apprentice Rating Sheet
    Local Rating Sheet
    District Rating Sheet
    National Rating Sheet
    Rating Grid (How to move up)