Orange County Umpire Board - Board Of Directors

The Orange County Umpire Board is made up of a volunteer Board of Directors and associate representatives. Elected Directors serve a term of at least one year. Upon completion of that term, they may run for re-election, apply for a different office or step down to make room for others. Click here to view the Bylaws.

Position Name Email
Chairperson Mary Pluff Email
Vice Chairperson Beverly Lynch Email
Secretary Brian McDonnell Email
Treasurer Rachel Neal Email
Member-At-Large Mike Swinnerton Email
Coordinator for Ratings and Training Steve Perry Email
Director for Ratings and Training Dana Crompton Email
Assigners Name Email
WWLL Assigner Bill Vickery Email
High School Assigner Earl Estrada Email
Youth Assigner Gary Nakano Email
Region/Super Region Chairs
Pacific Region Chair Maggie Fanta Email
Super Region VI Chair Dave Dunham Email